Best Ooty Tourist Places

Ooty has become a popular place that is known as Queen of Hill Stations that will also welcome you with a soothing environment, extremely cool weather, and different types of sightseeing places to visit. If you are also planning to visit Ooty then you need to create a list of the best Ooty tourist places where you can visit with your family and beloved friends. Every single tourist attraction in such an ultimate place always promises a lively and antique experience that will surely leave you in awe for lots of days to come.

However, if you are already wondering what you can do in such an incredible place and what you can see in Ooty then you also need to pay attention to several interesting places that we have already mentioned places. These are some of the most exciting and interesting places. Make sure that you are visiting these incredible places that will make your experience unforgettable.

Best Ooty Tourist Places

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake ( Best Ooty Tourist Places)

If you are going to Ooty with your family member or friend then you must visit Avalanche Lake which is a must-visit when on an Ooty tour. This is the most beautiful lake that will surely leave a great impression on you.

This is an amazing place that was built due to a substantial landslide around the 1800s. It is one of the best Ooty tourist places for various interesting activities like trout fishing. In case you are going for the fishing only then you get essential equipment from Trout Hatchery. You can also explore various other surrounding areas and flora and fauna. There are also some amazing activities available here that are popular like rafting, camping, and trekking to various other hilly regions like Upper Bhavani. This is also considered a perfect picnic spot.

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Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake ( Best Ooty Tourist Places)

This is also a beautiful place which is located near Emerald Village in the District of Nilgiri. It is the best place which is located almost 25km away from the ooty. It has become a great place for picnics where you can also relax & spend great time with your loved ones. Tea plantation is also a great thing that adds to the overall beauty of the lake.  The adorable view of sunrise and sunset from here is breathtaking and not always to be missed.

Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake ( Best Ooty Tourist Places)

The majority of the folks prefer to visit Ooty Lake which has become a vital part of every single Ooty tour. This has become the best place to visit. It is an artificial lake which was also built for fishing. It is one of the great places for boating. Tourists will also be seen enjoying an interesting ride on its serene waters. There is also a house of boating located near the lake that offers different kinds of array of boats on hire.  Make sure that you are also experiencing cycling by the side of the lake which is most amazing experience. It has become one of the best Ooty tourist places where you can experience lots of great things.

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Ooty Botanical Gardens

Such an incredible place is also maintained by the Horticultural Department of Tamil Nadu.  It is considered one of the most interesting places where you can see in Ooty. The best thing about this garden is that it is spread over almost 55 acres of land. It is already divided into five different kinds of sections Lower Garden, Italian Garden, Fern House, Nurseries, and Conservatory.  The flower show is also conducted here as the most important part of the Ooty summer festival which is an interesting attraction. There is also the interesting attraction of the Botanical Garden which is the Fossil Tree Trunk which is more than 20 million years old. Make sure that you are also exploring different kinds of plants here. Make sure that you are exploring the best tourist places that are important to you.

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Doddabetta Peak

You will find a lot of people are also visiting Doddabetta Peak which is also located at almost an altitude of 2623 meters.  This place is almost 10km away from the Ooty which is also covered by the dense shoals. If you are going to Doddabetta Peak then you can also find out telescope house at the peak with two amazing telescopes presenting a captivating view of the valley around. Rich flora and fauna here add to the amazing charm of Doddabetta Peak.

Moreover, these are some amazing places where you will also pay a minimal amount of entrance fee. Ooty is considered a beautiful place where you can also find out the best Ooty tourist places. If you also want to know more about the best places to visit in Ooty then you must check Bharatkabhraman.

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