Khairatabad Science College

Are you a traveler? Searching for a haunted place where you can visit with your friends or group? You must visit Khairatabad Science College which is known as as one of the most mysterious houses where a lot of dead bodies and souls are still wandering at there.

Hyderabad is the most popular & beautiful city where you can easily find lots of haunted places also. There are a lot of areas in Hyderabad where lots of spirits and ghosts already exist. You have already seen so many locations where no humans can travel because ghostly souls are already residing there that can murder anyone.

The majority of the folks are traveling to Bhangarh but today we are going to discuss important details about Khairatabad Science College.  There is a broken building that is available near the flyover that so many folks call Science College and lots of people call it Khairatabad Science College. Lots of years ago, there was a popular college of Science, and there were lots of tests that must be conducted on the dead bodies at that college lab.

Interesting Facts Related To Khairatabad Science College

The majority of the folks want to know more about Khairatabad Science College. Therefore, we are going to discuss more regarding this famous college. It was a sad day when the building of the college broke down & due to this specific happening, the college completely closed.  The thing is college closed within  24 hours and the worst thing is that dead bodies were lying inside and were left in the biology labs.

After that, guards also tried to stop some of the unusual entries in college.  Same time, the government was also thinking that it shouldn’t become a specific thieves’ spot & drug addicts’ or it must not become a location for criminals due to empty. As you know criminals always searching for empty places where they can hide. Hence, the government deployed the 2 guards so they could protect the college properly.

It was a day when the guard went into the college so they could inspect everything properly like ghosts and some important things but the guard never came back from the college. After that, the 2nd guard left the college and complained to the police. After this specific incident happened they initiated the investigation. Therefore, when police went into the college they found the guard dead. The condition of the guard was really scary and the eyes of the guard were open. Police found lots of dead bodies in the Khairatabad Science College.

Unsolved & Horror Mystery Of Khairatabad Science College

The other guard said during the investigation that when they both had joined the duty they were hearing some strange sounds from the college. The screaming sounds of a baby were also coming from the inside like someone was already killing that specific girl.  Actually, they want to protect that specific girl so the guard also goes inside college.  There is a mystery that whoever person goes inside Khairatabad Science College that person will never come back from it.  

Lots of people were passing by this college and they had already seen that skeleton was already walking in this specific college. A lot of people have already heard the sounds of shouting.  They are also thinking that when this Khairatabad Science College fastened, they didn’t dispose of all the dead bodies.

A lot of people are thinking that there are a lot of ghosts in college but no one has proved it.  Hence, you have sufficient mysterious and genuine details regarding the most popular and haunted place of Hyderabad that is Khairatabad Science College. If you also need details like this regularly then you must check Bharatkabhraman.

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