Welcome to Tawang, an attractive city hidden away in India’s stunning Arunachal Pradesh region. Tawang provides a distinctive travel experience that will capture your attention. It is known for its pure natural beauty, rich heritage of culture, and peaceful monasteries. Based on the most recent information in 2023, we will examine the ideal times to visit Tawang as well as where to go and where to eat.

When to Go: 

Tawang has a comfortable environment all year long, making it a year-round attraction. The greatest months to travel are, however, March through October, when the climate is moderate and suitable to outdoor activities. If you wish to travel comfortably in the area, you should avoid the monsoon season (June to September), which brings important rains.

Where to Go:

Tawang Monastery: Start your journey by visiting the iconic Tawang Monastery, one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in the world. This ancient monastery, dating back to the 17th century, showcases stunning architecture and houses precious artifacts, manuscripts, and thangkas (Tibetan Buddhist paintings).

Sela Pass: Embark on a scenic drive to Sela Pass, situated at an altitude of 13,700 feet. This mountain pass offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, frozen lakes, and vibrant rhododendron forests. Be prepared for chilly temperatures, even in summer, as you soak in the mesmerizing beauty of the surroundings.

Madhuri Lake: A few km from Sela Pass is a place you really must see called Madhuri Lake. Its name, Shonga-tser Lake, comes from the location where the Madhuri Dixit-starring Bollywood film “Koyla” was filmed. The lake offers a peaceful setting for time and photography because it is surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

Witness the amazing Nuranang Falls, often referred to as Jang Falls, as it falls from a height of 100 metres among a sea of lush vegetation. A beautifully amazing feeling is created by the thundering sound of the falls and the foggy surroundings. Don’t forget to take pictures to preserve this natural wonder’s splendour.

Best Places for Eating:

Dragon Restaurant: Enjoy delicious Tibetan and Chinese food there. Momos, thukpa (noodle soup), and stir-fried delicious foods are just a few of the original foods served in the restaurant’s welcoming environment.

Orange Restaurant: Enjoy delicious regional Arunachali food at Orange Restaurant. You’ll taste the authentic flavours of the area in everything from traditional meals like bamboo shoot curry and pika pila (stir-fried fern) to spicy rice preparations. Additionally, the restaurant offers vegetarian options.

Buddha Restaurant: Visit Buddha Restaurant for a fusion of Indian, Tibetan, and continental food. Take advantage of a varied food that includes momos, thalis (platters), tandoori specialties, and cool drinks. It is a well-liked option among tourists because of the kind welcome and inviting atmosphere.

Chaksam Bakery: Chaksam Bakery, renowned for its delicious pastries, cakes, and freshly baked bread, may satisfy your sweet craving. Grab a cup of flavorful coffee and savour the handcrafted treats at the bakery while sitting outside and taking in the breathtaking scenery.


With its magnificent scenery, historic monasteries, and delicious food, Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh provides a truly fascinating travel experience. Whether you enjoy exploring new places

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