Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort has become one of the most popular haunted places in India and this is the greatest mystery. You can easily find that anything that is directly interconnected with the supernatural always attracts a significant amount of attention.

You have surely heard lots of haunted stories of such incredible places. So many curious travellers also come to experience the cheap thrills and few also go back disappointed.  If you also want to know more about this place then you have come to the right place because we are providing proper information about it. You can also visit this specific place to learn more about it.

Bhangarh Fort Story

Bhangarh Fort

The majority of folks already believe that Bhangarh Fort considered a haunted place in the world. There will be no dearth of tales which will help in amplifying the overall mystery which is Bhangarh. The thing is that you will not be able to visit this place after sunset because it is a hub of paranormal activity.  The Archaeological Survey of India has also prohibited visitors from visiting the Bhangarh Fort during nighttime.

A lot of people are saying various things about the Bhangarh. But the most interesting story is Madho Singh Built the city after getting the approval of the Guru Balu Nath who is an ascetic and is also being used to meditate there.

After that, the saint also gave his approval on a specific condition which the shadow of the Emperor’s place will never fall on his retreat. But in case it did then the city will surely crumble into the ruins. But the retreat of the Guru Bala was also being shadowed by the palace. Therefore, Bhanagarh instantly transformed into a city of cursed and will never be rebuilt as there are no structures to ever manage to survive in it.  

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Another Bhangarh Fort Story In Hindi

The most interesting story pertains to the Princess Ratnavati. As per some legends, the beauty of such a princess was really nonpareil. After getting young, suitors from the various states also asked for her hand in marriage. There is also a sorcerer whose name is SInghia who was also aware overall fact that he was n match for the princess. Therefore, he also decided to entice the princess with the magical powers he possessed.

Such a guy was really lucky to see the mistress of Princess Ratnavati in the market and also the enchanted oil that she was buying with black magic. Therefore, he was also hopeful that the princess was going to surrender herself to him after touching the oil. However, his specific attempt was futile because Ratnavati also got to know about his trick and poured that oil into the ground then also morphed into a rock and rolled towards the magician & crushed them.

Bhangarh Fort

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But before dying, Singhia also cursed the Bhangarh related to death and after that, it never witnessed any kind of rebirth. In addition, there was a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, so Princess Ratnavati was killed in that battle. A lot of locals still believe that she has also returned in different kinds of forms and will also ultimately come back to the end of the unfortunate spell on Bhangarh.   

The Best Story About Bhangarh

However, the Bhangarh Fort story has also been rubbished by scientists and it has already been considered a sanctuary for ghosts.

The locals also claim that they have already heard the women that are crying and screaming, sometimes bangles breaking, and strange music also emerging from the fort. There have been lots of instances where antique perfume also emanated from the Bhangarh Fort.

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How To Reach Bhangarh From Jaipur?

Bhangarh has become one of the most popular places in India, also known as Bhangarh Ka Kila which is almost 84 kilometers away from Jaipur. It would be better to leave early in the morning & drive so you will surely done by sunset. Therefore, you will have to rent a car that will surely take you around Bhangarh. The cost of a vehicle totally depends on the company from where you taking the vehicle on rent.  

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Best Timing To Visit Bhangarh Fort

The Bhangarh Fort is completely open 7 days of week from 6 am to 6 pm. If you are planning to visit Fort then you should visit from October to February during the winters. It is one of the great times because the weather is completely bearable.

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