A Romantic Escape: Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon PackageA Romantic Escape: Andaman and Nicobar Honeymoon Package


Embark on a journey of love and discovery amidst the pristine beauty of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Renowned for their sun-kissed beaches, turquoise waters, and lush greenery, these islands offer the perfect backdrop for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Join us as we unveil an exclusive honeymoon package tailored to create unforgettable memories with your beloved amidst nature’s splendor.

Day 1: Arrival in Port Blair

Upon arrival at Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair, you’ll be greeted by our representatives and escorted to your luxurious accommodation. Take the rest of the day to relax and unwind after your journey, perhaps strolling hand in hand along the picturesque Corbyn’s Cove Beach or enjoying a romantic dinner overlooking the shimmering waters of the bay.

Day 2: Explore Port Blair

Start your day with a sumptuous breakfast before embarking on a sightseeing tour of Port Blair. Visit the historic Cellular Jail, a poignant reminder of India’s struggle for independence, and immerse yourself in its storied past. Later, explore the vibrant markets of Aberdeen Bazaar, where you can shop for local handicrafts and souvenirs to commemorate your honeymoon.

Day 3: Havelock Island

After breakfast, transfer to the ferry terminal for a scenic journey to Havelock Island, known for its pristine beaches and vibrant coral reefs. Upon arrival, check into your beachfront resort and spend the day at leisure. Lounge on the sun-drenched shores of Radhanagar Beach, often hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, and revel in the serenity of your surroundings.

Day 4: Snorkeling Adventure

Today, embark on an exciting snorkeling adventure to explore the colorful underwater world of Havelock’s coral reefs. Dive into the crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, hand in hand with your beloved, and discover the beauty beneath the waves. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a first-time explorer, this experience promises to be a highlight of your honeymoon.

Day 5: Neil Island Excursion

Bid farewell to Havelock Island as you journey to the idyllic shores of Neil Island. Explore the tranquil beaches of Bharatpur, Laxmanpur, and Sitapur, where you can stroll along secluded shorelines and watch the sunset paint the sky in hues of gold and crimson. Indulge in a romantic beachside dinner under the starlit sky before retiring to your cozy accommodation.

Day 6: Return to Port Blair

After breakfast, return to Port Blair via ferry and check into your hotel. Spend the day at leisure, perhaps revisiting your favorite spots in the city or simply relaxing at your hotel. In the evening, enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner as you reminisce about your unforgettable honeymoon experiences.

Day 7: Departure

As your honeymoon draws to a close, savor a delicious breakfast before bidding farewell to the enchanting islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Transfer to the airport for your onward journey, taking with you cherished memories of your romantic escapade amidst nature’s wonders.


Escape to paradise with our Andaman and Nicobar honeymoon package, where love blossoms amidst sun-kissed beaches, azure waters, and lush greenery. Whether you’re exploring historic landmarks in Port Blair, snorkeling amidst vibrant coral reefs, or enjoying intimate moments on secluded shores, every experience promises to deepen your bond and create lifelong memories. Plan your dream honeymoon today and embark on a journey of love and adventure in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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